The School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, in association with ACRD (Amrita Center for Research and Development) , is proud to be one of the zonal centres of Techradiance’19. Techradiance is an industrial oriented training or workshop by Harbour Technologies in association with Techfest IIT Bombay. Training is designed dedicatedly for the faculty members, reasearchers & students with keen interest in the field of advance technologies.

There are 3 stages for this program:

  • First Stage: Workshop on Python & Mobile Controlled Robotics
  • Second Stage: The workshop is followed by a competition for semi-finals selections.
  • Third Stage: Finals will be held at IIT Mumbai in the month of April. 

Workshop on Python & Mobile Controlled Robotics

  • Provides experience for understanding of concepts:
  • Understanding on platforms to develop and design technologies.
  • Understandings about Controllers & Robotics
  • Enhances productive engagement – build, think, apply, play and explore
  • Encourages self-learning and development in future
  • Creating own robots, projects on python and techniques to write their own programs.
  • Techniques to work with processor directly
  • More practical knowledge to develop innovative ideas, solving real time errors, with circuit boards
  • National Level Platform for performance & career

Highlights of the Workshop

Mobile Controlled Robotics

  1. Development of Obstacle avoider Robot using hardware kit provided.
  2. Development of Edge Avoiding Robot using hardware kit provided.
  3. Generating different LED Patterns using Mobile Phone
  4. Development of Mobile Controlled Robot using hardware kit provided.


  1. Operations in Python
  2. Program understanding in Python
  3. Introduction to OO Programming in python
  4. Introduction to Exceptions
  5. Python based user group management

Faculty Coordinators:

Faculty Coordinator for Mobile Controlled Robotics Workshop:

Faculty Coordinators for Python Workshop:

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Event Details
2019-02-28 09:30 to 2019-03-01 17:00
School of Engineering