Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) in Computer Science & IT (Part time) is a program offered at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

A student who is admitted to M. Phil. Degree program in Amrita University shall undertake course work of minimum of 13 credits, consisting of two courses of four credits and one course of one credit in the first semester and four credits elective paper chosen from the pool of electives offered in the second semester. In order to facilitate a proper evaluation of the student’s progress in terms of research and academic input, the scholar shall present a paper in a seminar in the second semester. To augment the learning gained and the progress made in research, the scholar shall present at least one research paper in a UGC sponsored International seminar or International conference. As a culmination of the program the scholar shall publish a paper in an international journal of repute.


Code Title L T P Cr
18CSA701 Research Methodology 3 1 0 4
18CSA702 Advanced Computing Techniques 3 1 0 4
Total 8
  Elective 3 1 0 4
18AVP501 Amrita Values Programme 1 0 0 1
Total 5
18CSA798 Dissertation Phase # 1 plus Review of Publication       4
Total 4
18CSA799 Dissertation Phase # 2 ( Evaluation of Complete Dissertation )       8
18CSA797 Viva voce       5
Total 13



Elective Courses
Code Title L T P Cr
18CSA731 Cloud Computing Techniques 3 0 1 4
18CSA732 Data Analytics 3 0 1 4
18CSA733 Mobile and Wireless Technologies 3 0 1 4
18CSA734 Science Communication Techniques 3 0 1 4
18CSA735 Soft Computing Techniques 3 0 1 4
18CSA736 System and Network Security 3 0 1 4
18CSA737 Visual Communication 3 0 1 4
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