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Alumni Reunion 2019 Celebrations at ASB, Coimbatore

March 18, 2019 - 11:53
Alumni Reunion 2019 Celebrations at ASB, Coimbatore

Cherishing heartfelt memories that refuse to fade away, School of Business (ASB), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, celebrated the Alumni Reunion 2019 on 9th and 10th of February at Coimbatore campus with a host of social, cultural and sporting activities. More than 55 former students since the inception of the institute in 1996 came back to their beloved campus to relive old memories and forge new ones.

In the evening of February 9th, a football match was held between the alumni and the home team, with faculty Dr. P. Balasubramanian playing the referee. It became a great venue for everyone to jog their memories and the home team (consisting of 2019-20 batch members) ‘Defenders’ emerged victorious in the match. A village outreach program was also conducted on the same day by faculty Prof. Shobhana Madhavan and Mr. Naren Mohan which became a heartwarming opportunity for the students and their beloved “Annas and Akkas” to meet once again.

Celebrations of the next day were kicked off with a cricket match between the home team and the alumni and the veterans have won the game. Post the match, the Alumni Reunion was officially inaugurated at the Quadrangle where the former students of ASB were joined by the present batch students, faculty and the Chairman Dr. Raghu Raman. The formal function commenced with a prayer by the batch of 2020 followed by the lamp lighting ceremony attended by faculty Dr. A. V. Shyam and former students Mr. Roopak (Batch of 1999), Mrs. Rajalakshmi, Mr. Sandesh Pillai (Batch of 2000) and Dr. Vinith and Dr. Pravin of 2001 Batch.

After the inauguration ceremony, Dr. A. V. Shyam, Dr. Vinith Nair and Mr. Neerav Sejpal (Batch of 2005) took over the stage to recount their memoirs. Both the alumni and the present batch of students found the session to be a treasure trove of valuable information. It was followed by a music session by Kevin of Batch 2015 and Vishnu Tharavath of Batch 2016. After the mindful, philosophical talk on happiness by faculty Dr. Rajiv Prasad, the formal function came to an end and everyone gathered at the Sri Krishna hall for the cultural activities.

The music show ‘Ragasudha’ and the dance program’ Natyasudha’ became instant hits among the audience and they were followed by the highly popular solo act by Nithin Kumar N. (Batch of 2020) which was received with thunderous applause. The events of Alumni Reunion 2019 were concluded with a vote of thanks, after which the gathering dispersed for photos and chats.

Staying true to the custom, balloons were released into the air from the nostalgic quadrangle, at the conclusion of the event. As they rose up in the air, the gathering broke into cheers and the alumni from various batches took pledges to return the next year. It was a truly rewarding experience for everyone to spend some quality time in the lap of the nature at planet Ettimadai, far away from the chaotic world.

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