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Comparison of Masticatory and Swallowing Functional Outcomes in Surgically and Prosthetically Rehabilitated Maxillectomy Patients.

Authors : R. Sreeraj, Vinod Krishnan, Manju V., Krishnakumar Thankappan

Publisher : The International Journal of Prosthodontics

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Facial Defect with Silicone

Authors : Manju V.

Publisher : Kerala Dental Journal

Ocular defects Rehabilitation

Authors : Manju V., Vinodkrishnan

Publisher : Amrita Journal of Medicine

Oral dirofilariasis

Authors : Mahija Janardhanan, Rakesh, S., Vindhya Savithri

Publisher : Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research

Qualitative and quantitative comparison of the remineralization potential of three suitable materials – An in-vitro SMH & SEM study

Authors : Sreekumar P., Kumaran P., Arun Mamachan Xavier, Dr. Balagopal Varma R., Kumar S. J.

Publisher : J ClinDiag Res

Efficacy of a Calcium Sucrose Phosphate Based Toothpaste in Elevating the Level of Calcium, Phosphate Ions in Saliva and Reducing Plaque: A Clinical Trial.

Authors : Leena Unnikrishn Menon, Dr. Balagopal Varma R., Parvathy Kumaran, Arun Mamachan Xavier, Bhat Sangeetha Govinda, J. Suresh Kumar

Publisher : Contemp Clin Dent

Salivary Interleukin-6 levels of children with Early Childhood Caries and Ventricular Septal defect – A randomized clinical trial

Authors : George T., Parvathy Kumaran, Dr. Balagopal Varma R., Arun Mamachan Xavier, Janardhanan S. K., Govinda B. S.

Publisher : J IndSocPedodPrev Dent .

Dental age assessment in 8-16 year old girls in a tertiary care hospital in Cochin – a comparative study

Authors : Sathish A. M., Arun Mamachan Xavier, Dr. Balagopal Varma R., Kumaran P., Menon M. M.

Publisher : Drug Inv Today , Volume 11

Feeding difficulty in an infant with stickler’s syndrome – A case report

Authors : Vijay P., Kumaran P., Arun Mamachan Xavier, Dr. Balagopal Varma R.

Publisher : A case report. ContempClin Dent

Knowledge, attitude, and awareness of mothers toward emergency management of dental trauma in high literacy population

Authors : Resmy Nair, Parvathy Kumaran, Arun Mamachan Xavier, Dr. Balagopal Varma R.

Publisher : J Int Oral Health

Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of Aloe Vera gel with milk and HBSS in maintaining the viability of PDL cells in avulsed teeth

Authors : Abraham B., Kumaran P., Arun Mamachan Xavier, Dr. Balagopal Varma R., Kumar S. J.

Publisher : Drug Inv Today

Management of a Dentigerous Cyst: A Two-Year Review

Authors : Anjana B, Balagopal Varma

Publisher : International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

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