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Contact Lens fitting in Keratoconus

Publisher :AIOS Proceedings

Technological advancement in ENT equipments -Editorial

Publisher :’News Letter’ AOI Delhi State

The making of foreign policy: mathematical models of the microsystem

Authors : J. Bandyapadhyaya, A. Mukherjee

Publisher :Sage Publications

Managing the topological expansion of computer networks in an optimal way

Authors : A. Mukherjee, D. Saha

Publisher :Int’l Journal of Network Management

Palmatosides, C,F; Diterpene furann glucosides from Tinospora cordifolia – Structural elucidation by 2D NMR Spectroscopy

Authors : V. D. Gangan,, V. D. Gangan,, Pradhan, P., , Pradhan, P., , Sipahimalani, A. T., , Sipahimalani, A. T., , Banerji, A, Banerji, A

Publisher :Indian Journal of Chemistry

Application of artificial neural network to chaos proceedings of the 4th international conference on AI Bangalore

Authors : M. R. Kaimal,, Chandra Sekhara Bhat,

Publisher :Tata McGraw Hill Ed. M. Vidyasagar,

On some infinite server queues in discrete time

Authors : Krishnamoorthy, A, Ushakumari ,PV

Publisher :Tamkang University Press

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