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36th Annual Ramanujan Mathematical Society Conference (RMS 2021)

The Ramanujan Mathematical Society (RMS) is one of the renowned Mathematical Societies in the world. It has the main purpose of promoting Mathematics and its applications at all levels. The department of Mathematics of Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus was organized 36th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society and pre-conference workshops on Discrete Mathematics, Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis and Number Theory from August 4-7, 2021 through on-line.

The conference aims were to provide a platform to the experts in Mathematical Sciences, participating from diverse fields to interact with researchers from their own fields and from other disciplines to strengthen their participatory network nationally and internationally. The main objective of this inter-disciplinary conference was to bring top researchers in this cutting-edge area in Mathematics & applications to AMRITA to foster collaboration as also provide an exposure to researchers and students to the scientific problems in this field.

There were 35 invited talks by eminent professors in India and abroad. Some of the speakers are: Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy (Chairman, National Statistics Commissions, Govt. India), Prof. Aravind Srinivasan (University of Maryland, USA), Prof. Dilip P Patil (IISc Bangalore), Prof. Zoltan Furedi (University of Illinois, USA), Prof. Sabyasachi Mukherjee (TIFR Mumbai), Prof. D. K. Thomas (Swansea University, UK).

Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy gave his plenary talk on Matroids and Secret Sharing. He highlighted the importance of the secrete sharing in information security. A survey of dependent randomized rounding techniques was presented by Prof Aravind Srinivasan in his plenary talk. Prof, Dilip P Patil discussed recent results in Burnside algebras of finite groups. Prof. D.K. Thomas showed some open problems in successive coefficients of univalent functions. Prof. Csilla Bujtás, University of Pannonia, Hungary, gave a talk on 3/5- and 1/2-Conjectures on the Domination Game.

More than 100 research papers were submitted and the research paper committee recommended 45 papers for presentations. Each participant was given 15 minutes time for their paper presentation.

More than 300 participants from all over the world were registered for the conference and workshops. The RMS conference covered all the areas in Mathematics and Statistics. Wide-ranging applications in computer science and computational biology were presented by the speakers.

An expected outcome of this conference was building a community of researchers in this topical and inter-disciplinary area as also stimulate joint research work between Indian researchers in Mathematics and the some professors from outside India and also attract a sizable number of students to research and postdoctoral work in Mathematics.

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