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Life of a Climate Scientist on Frozen Oceans in 24×7 Polar Darkness

Event Details

Amrita Center for International Programs is happy to announce an amazing opportunity to participate in Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Vishnu Nandan, Sea Ice Remote Sensing Scientist from Canada .

Time : Morning at 10.00 am to 11.30 am. IST. i.e. an hour-long talk followed by Question & Answer session / Discussion.

We welcome you to join this endeavor and we hope that you will seize this excellent opportunity.

Short Bio & Abstract

Dr. Vishnu Nandan is an accomplished climate scientist living on frozen polar oceans. He has spent more than 1000+ days conducting science on Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, 4 times to the south pole and 7 times to the north pole. Vishnu has bravely survived unforgivingly frigid cold temperatures, months of polar darkness and isolation from the rest of the planet. Through stunning visuals, Vishnu will take us through a journey of his adventurous and risky life on frozen oceans in Arctic and Antarctic darkness. Vishnu is a true Malayali, a candid photographer and a globetrotter – have been to 75+ countries, all 7 continents and 5 Oceans.

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