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Spot Photography Competition

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“Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling – Compete in the Corporate Click-Off!” – the event where Visual Excellence Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit!, a fusion of creativity, aspiration, and teamwork seen through the prism of entrepreneurship. Let the images revealed tonight be the visual tapestry that depicts progress, tenacity, and pioneering spirits as we set out on this wonderful voyage. Each image gives viewers a taste of the promise and potential that may be found behind these walls and serves as a reminder of the commitment and zeal of our business community. We commemorate the moments that will define the course of this festival with each shutter click as we go on a journey into a world where opportunities are abundant and success knows no bounds.

Registration fees: ₹200/- Per head


  • First prize: ₹2500/-
  • Second prize: ₹1500/-
Admissions Apply Now