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Vijay Rajmohan

Research Scholar, School of Business

Qualification: MBA


Vijay Rajmohan is in his third year as a Ph. D. scholar at ASB. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Madras University, India and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Hull University Business School (HUBS), United Kingdom. He is a civil servant and is currently posted as Director (Trade, Extension and Drought Management) in Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, looking after the works pertaining to policy recommendations on export and import of agricultural commodities, coordinating/ formulating responses on World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreement on Agriculture, Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) on FDI in agriculture, matters relating to the modification in the Custom/Excise duties on agricultural commodities Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs)/Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with different countries. He also handles work pertaining to Agricultural Extension in the country and Drought Management. He is represented in the boards of / associated with Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills (MANAS), Agricultural Technology Management Agency, National Institute of Extension Management (MANAGE), Scheme Steering Committee of ASPIRE scheme etc.

Vijay writes regularly in English and Tamil. He is one of the contributors for Swarajya magazine. He is one of the founders of Dhilligai, a Tamil literary group functioning at Delhi Tamil Sangam.

His field of study is Economics, with a specific focus on International Trade economics. His research interests include Government Procurement Agreement of WTO, Agreement on Agriculture of WTO, chapters on Government procurement and Agriculture in India’s FTAs . He is currently working on the area of Government procurement in Agriculture and its impact on International Trade.

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