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DFT+DMFT study of spin-charge-lattice coupling in covalent LaCoO3

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Physical Review B 101, 195125,  May 2020. DOI:

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Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Department : Physics

Year : 2020

Abstract : We study energetics and the nature of both homogeneous and mixed spin (MS) states in LaCoO3 incorporating structural changes of the crystal volume expansion and the Co-O bond disproportionation (BD) during the spin-state transition using the density functional theory plus dynamical mean field theory (DFT+DMFT) method. DFT+DMFT predicts that energetics of both excited spin states are almost the same while DFT+U calculations of the same structures energetically favor the MS states and produce various metastable solutions whose energetics depend sensitively on final spin states. Within DFT+DMFT, the homogeneous spin state in the expanded crystal volume shows the multiconfigurational nature with non-negligible occupancy probabilities of both high spin (HS) and low spin (LS) states along with d6 and d7 charge configurations indicating the dynamically fluctuating nature of spin and charge states due to the Co-O covalency. The nature of the MS state under the BD structure reveals that Co sites with the long Co-O bonds develop a Mott insulating state and favor HS with a d6 configuration, while more covalent Co sites with the short Co-O bonds occupy more LS states with a d7 configuration and behave as a band insulator, as a result, charge ordering is induced in the BD structure from the spin-state ordering. We also find that both energetics and electronic structure sensitively depend on the Co-O covalency effect, which can be tuned by changing the double counting potential and the resulting d occupancy (Nd), and Nd close to 6.7 is consistent with the nature of the spin-state transition. Our results show that structural changes during the spin-state transition can play an important role in understanding energetics and electronic structure of LaCoO3.

Cite this Research Publication : Hyowon Park, Ravindra Nanguneri, Anh T. Ngo, "DFT+DMFT study of spin-charge-lattice coupling in covalent LaCoO3," Physical Review B 101, 195125,  May 2020. DOI:

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