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Does the present education system limelights entrepreneurship among civil engineering aspirants: A comparative study between India and UAE

Publisher : International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology

Year : 2018

Abstract :

Entrepreneurship is an area filled with many prospects and has unleashed itself over the last few decades around the world and over last couple of decades in India. Civil engineering students are often in conundrum when it comes to opting between profession and entrepreneurship. It has been a well-recognised choice for a vivid career since entrepreneurship choice is a complicated and multifaceted process. The substantial objective of the study is to compare the attitude of engineering students towards entrepreneurship in India and UAE. The study is basically a survey type where simple random sampling technique is used. The data has been collected from 101 students using Likert type attitude scale. The statistical techniques used for the study included descriptive statistics and t-test. The proves that there exists a high level of attitude towards entrepreneurship among the civil engineering students of UAE. There exists significant difference on attitude towards entrepreneurship based on Gender and Parental Occupation. © 2018 IAEME Publication.

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