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Exploration On Green Communication Technologies For Iot In Health, Education And Industry

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Information Technology In Industry

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Campus : Coimbatore

Center : TIFAC CORE in Cyber Security

Department : TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security

Year : 2021

Abstract : To improve the protection of economyas well as environment, Green communication is used in Health, Education, Industry, as well as Ecosystem for overcoming the stumbling blocks which destroy the IoT’s ecofriendly as well as sustainable nature of the sources of energy. Followed by that, to meet these problems, green communication technologies started to decrease the losses of energy as well as decrease electronic -wastes and contaminations; for example, energy-aware tags, green cloud models, as well as resource-constrained data centers. Energy-aware decreased RFID tags with least possible frequencies employed to efficientlytrackpatients, hospital bed allotments, automatically distributing the pills, managing attendances at the entrances in various institutes, tracking children at school, digital library cards, managing supply chains. Adding to that, the green cloud employs effective switching as well as VM techniques to save energy, thereforeemployedto efficiently storeas well as retrieve of medical, institutional, as well as industrial data. Following that, green data centers alongside the least carbo footprints as well asconsuming power assistingMedical field, Educational, Industrial needsthrough saving the price for managing repositories. Though there are benefits, it is crucial to investigate it better using the new green computing technologies for IoT.This paper describesdifferent trade-offs whilemaking green IoTbe sustainable.It finds out an efficient platform to start new studies to demonstrate new and innovative green communication solutions for IoT in Health, Education, Industry.

Cite this Research Publication : P Hemalatha, K Dhanalakshmi " Exploration On Green Communication Technologies For Iot In Health, Education And Industry ", Information Technology In Industry

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