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Novel adhesion promotion of aluminium for aerospace environments

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Volume 52, Issue 6

Source : Volume 52, Issue 6, p.515 - 519 (2017)

Url :

Keywords : Adhesive Bonding, Aluminium 6063, calcium silicate nanopowder, Epoxy Adhesive, Titanium nitride

Campus : Coimbatore

School : Department of Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical, Aerospace

Year : 2017

Abstract : This study focuses on analysing the durability of adhesive bonds formed in samples of Aluminium 6063, Titanium Nitride deposited Al 6063 and Anodized Al 6063 using epoxy adhesive Weicon A. Two types of studies are performed, first, samples of Aluminium 6063, Titanium Nitride deposited Al 6063 and Anodized Al 6063, are bonded by an epoxy adhesive Weicon A. Second, the samples are bonded by the adhesive with reinforcement of Ca2SiO4 nanoparticles in different proportions. The samples are examined using the scanning electron microscopy to study the morphology of the coating. A lap shear test is performed to determine the strength of the adhesive after the specimens were subjected to harsh chemical environments. A thermogravimetric analysis is performed on the adhesive to understand the effect of nanoparticles in the thermal stability in the Weicon A. It is understood from the tests that the titanium nitride coated Al 6063 samples bonded with Weicon A exhibited greater bond strength and also retained the strength when exposed to harsh environments. The inclusion of calcium silicate nano-particles showcased a considerable reduction in the bond strength. The thermal stability of Weicon A seems to be unaffected by the inclusion of calcium silicate nanoparticles.

Cite this Research Publication : H. Prakash, Shantanu Bhowmik, Ajeesh, G., and Thenarasu, M., “Novel adhesion promotion of aluminium for aerospace environments”, vol. 52, no. 6, pp. 515 - 519, 2017.

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