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Role of platelet aggregation in metastatic breast cancer patients

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2020;63:564-9

Url :;year=2020;volume=63;issue=4;spage=564;epage=569;aulast=Singla#:~:text=Large%20aggregates%20of%20platelets%20help,cells%20at%20the%20metastatic%20sites.

Campus : Faridabad

Year : 2020

Abstract : Background and Aims: Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the world. Although early detection and systematic adjuvant therapy has improved survival, distant metastasis remains the leading cause of breast related mortality. The relationship between tumor and the hemostatic system is increasingly recognized as an important regulator of breast cancer progression. Tumors have the ability to induce platelet aggregation which is referred as tumor cell induced platelet aggregation (TCIPA). This study highlights that increased platelet aggregation plays an important role in metastasis of breast cancer. The aim here is to study the role of platelet aggregation in metastatic breast cancer patients using: • ADP • Thrombin. Methods: 30 cases (n = 30) of metastatic breast cancer and 30 controls (n = 30) of non-metastatic breast cancer which were clinically diagnosed and histopathologically confirmed were included in this study. Platelet aggregation studies in vitro using ADP and Thrombin were performed using an optical aggregometer in both cases and controls. Other parameters like platelet count, histological grade and surrogate molecular classification was also correlated with platelet aggregation. Results: In this study, increased aggregation was seen with ADP and thrombin in the metastatic cases and none showed increased aggregation in the non-metastatic breast cancer patients. Also, high platelet count and higher histological grade correlated with increased aggregation. However, no correlation was seen between platelet aggregation and the surrogate molecular classification. Conclusion: It was concluded from this study that platelet aggregation has an important part to play in the tumor metastasis of breast cancer patients.

Cite this Research Publication : Singla T, Singla G, Ranga S, Singla S, Arora R. Role of platelet aggregation in metastatic breast cancer patients. Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2020;63:564-9

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