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Solar powered Luo converter fed three phase induction motor for water pumping system

Publisher : Proceedings of the International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control, ICISC 2017

Year : 2017

Abstract : This paper presents a solar powered water pumping system using an Induction Motor to pump the water. A negative output DC-DC Luo converter is used to achieve maximum power tracking and regulated dc output from a variable input solar photovoltaic array (SPV). The reduced number of components and single switch feature of Luo converter reduces the output current ripples and extracts maximum power from the PV array. The PV array is modeled using single diode model and the Luo converter output is regulated using a PI controller. Three phase voltage source inverter is used to feed the Induction motor to drive the water pump. a filter was added to at the end of the inverter output to get a sinusoidal wave to be fed to the induction motor. Simulation is carried out using MATLAB/ Simulink software with single diode model of PV array for a 3hp squirrel cage induction motor and hardware prototype is done for 12V DC motor which is run by the Luo converter using MOSFET as the switch. A regulated DC source was used as the supply and the supply voltage was varied using a POT to vary the duty ratio of the converter. A 555 timer is used as the gate driver circuit for the switch used. The hardware set up was tested at various duty ratios and at various load conditions like half load, full load and no load. Performances at various conditions are analyzed using MATLAB/Simulink. © 2017 IEEE.

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