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Hostel Rules and Regulations

Admission & Allotment of Rooms

1.1. Students who need hostel facility have to pay the fees via AOAP

1.2. The hostel fee should be paid before the commencement of each academic year.

1.3. Staying in the hostel is mandatory for all students. However, students who are staying with parents in Chennai or within a neighborhood of 30 kms are permitted to commute as day scholars. They are advised to utilize college transport facility, if available. No students shall stay outside the hostel without prior written permission from the Principal/Chief Warden.

1.4. At the time of admission and at the beginning of every academic year, each resident is required to submit a duly-filled-in Hostel Admission form. Any Change of address / telephone number of the parent / local guardian, at any point of time, has to be promptly intimated to the hostel office in writing.

1.5. Students are generally not permitted to vacate the hostel and stay outside on their own. However if they are going to stay with their parents they may be permitted and they should follow the procedure given below

  • Parents/Guardian of the student shall meet the Chief Warden in person and explain the necessity for staying outside. A written request in the prescribed format should be made to him, in which the local residential address with phone number, where they intend to stay should be mentioned. Permission letter from the Head of the Department is also necessary.
  • Hostel fee once paid, will not be refunded if room is vacated in between the academic year.

1.6. Students will generally be provided with essential furniture and fitting in each room. It is the responsibility of the student to bring additional accessories necessary for their stay.

1.7. Residents of the hostel should ensure that lights & fans are switched off, all water taps are closed and that their rooms are locked when they leave their rooms.

1.8. Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year will not be changed except on special situations with the permission of Chief Warden.

1.9. Residents wardens may inspect/enter any room, at any time to satisfy themselves that the students maintain discipline and cleanliness/ tidiness/ hygiene.  Resident Wardens can confiscate electric equipment and any other banned item if found, without the permission of the inmates.

1.10. Hostel is an integral part of the University.  Any act of indiscipline in the hostel will attract penal action from the University.

Code of Conduct

2.1. All residents are required to maintain high standards of maintain high standards of behavior expected of students of a prestigious University such as ours.  They are expected to be courteous with everyone both inside and outside the campus.

2.2. The silent hours in the hostel will be from 10.30 pm to 5.30 am, which should be observed by all residents.

2.3. All students are required to carry their valid identity Cards issued to them by the University.

2.4. All rooms, common areas and surroundings should be kept clean and hygienic.

2.5.All students are expected to be in their hostels before the specified time (Ref. Hostel Timings) If any one wishes to be away from the hostel beyond this for academic work like visit to library, laboratory etc,  they should get written permission from the Resident Wardens in the prescribed form.

2.6. Rooms are allotted to each student on his/her personal responsibility. He/She should see to the upkeep of the room and its premises.  Students should bring to the notice of the Resident Warden, for any maintenance work (Civil, Carpentry or Electrical), needed in their rooms.

2.7. Every resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during his/her occupancy of that room and will be required to fund the repair, if any. He/She is required to fill in the inventory of the furniture and other items available and hand over the furniture & other materials in good condition when he/she changes/ vacates the room/ hostel.

2.8. In case of damage to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible for such damage or loss, or collectively from all the students of the hostel as decided by the Chief Warden.

2.9. The use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters, electric stove/ heaters / electric iron/induction cooker are forbidden in any of the rooms allotted. Electrical wiring in the hostel is not designed for such heavy load.

2.10. Private cooking in the hostels/students rooms is strictly forbidden. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and disciplinary action initiated.

2.11. The use of audio systems which may cause inconvenience to other occupants is not allowed. The use of personal TV and VCD/DVD is prohibited.

2.12. Possession and consumption of tobacco, alcohol or narcotic drugs in the University premises is strictly prohibited. The administration reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action, amounting to even expulsion at short notice from the hostel and rustication from the University.

2.13. Any Student found to be indulging in undesirable activities such as physical assault, damage to properly, etc. will be liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel at short notice.

2.14. Residents are required to park the cycles, if any, in an orderly manner.

2.15. Use of powered vehicles by students in the campus has been banned.

2.16. Residents should not arrange any function, birthday parties or meeting within the hostel or outside within the campus without permission of the concerned authorities.

2.17. The residents are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to desist from bringing and keeping ornaments and expensive items / gadgets in the rooms. Except minimum cash on their person, money should be kept deposited in the bank. They should keep all valuable items such as Laptop, Mobile phones (only basic phones are permitted), ATM card etc. locked. They should also lock the room even when they are out for a short period.

2.18. Residents are expected to dress decently when moving around in the hostels, dining halls and surroundings.

2.19. You are not permitted to order food from outside

Visitors and Guests

3.1. Parents/ Guardians are allowed to visit their wards as per the following timings.

  • Working Days : 5pm to 6.30pm
  • Holidays : 7am to 6.30pm

4.2. Visitors are not allowed in the hostel after 6.30 pm

4.3. Guest of a resident may be permitted to stay in the hostel on payments basis, subject to availability of rooms and with the prior approval by the Chief Faculty Warden of respective hostels.

4.4. Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the campus and interact with class advisors/hostel wardens periodically.

Issue of Gate Pass

5.1. Residents of the hostel are required to get the permission from the resident warden as and when they want to go outside the campus. Approval of parents through any one of the registered communication devices is compulsory for issuing hostel out pass.

5.2. On regular working days, based on the recommendation letter (with signature and seal) from the respective department Chairperson, the resident wardens can sanction the gate pass. Whereas during holidays the resident warden can sanction the gate pass directly.

5.3 Gate passes should be applied at least 24hrs in advance.

5.5. Gate pass is also given to go to city during other weekends. Gate passes should be applied at least 24hrs in advance. However they are expected to return by the specified time (Ref. Hostel Timings)

5.6. On specific reasons such as medical, academic (project work) and other, the time may be extended beyond the specified time. The students should take prior permission from resident warden in advance and he/she should be convinced about the genuineness of these. The decision will be taken on case-to-case basis. Such overstay due to academic reason should be properly endorsed by the Class Advisor/Chairpersons.

5.7. When a resident wants to go home on a working day for exigency, the gate pass application should be routed through the Class Advisor and Chairperson.

5.8. The institute transport is meant for day scholars. If hostel residents wish to make use of the same, they should obtain the bus pass from the resident warden by paying the prescribed amount. Hostellers found traveling in the institution bus without valid passes would be asked to pay the bus fees for the entire semester.

5.9. Students should not remain in their hostel rooms during class hours or during University/Institution functions in the campus except on permitted medical reasons.

Hostel Mess

6.1. Pure and wholesome vegetarian food will be served hostel mess.

6.2. Non-vegetarian food is not permitted anywhere inside the entire campus.

6.3. No diner shall waste food

6.4. Mess charges are collected as a single annual payment in advance.

6.5. All residents are expected to cooperate with the hostel administration by conserving water and electricity.

6.6. Food will not be supplied in the rooms. Residents of hostels are not allowed to take any food items to any place outside the mess hall or to their rooms under any circumstances.

6.7. Students can entertain their guests/parents in the Campus canteen only with prior intimation.

6.8. Hostellers without ID cards are not allowed to enter the mess hall.

6.9. All diners shall interact with the mess staff in the dining hall in a courteous manner.

Facilities in the Hostels/Campus
  • Neatly furnished room with one steel cot (6.5’x2.5′), table, cupboard, plastic arm chair per student.
  • Laundry & ironing facility
  • Round-the-clock power supply
  • Hot water during early morning hours
  • Well-furnished mess halls
Hostel Timings


Hostel Gate Open 5.30 am
Breakfast, Tea & Coffee/ Milk 7.00 am to 8.30 am
Lunch 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Evening Tea and Snacks 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Dinner 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
  • City Pass (Late comers will be warned/ debarred/ fined): 7.00 am – 10.00 pm

Return to Hostel from Rest of the Campus

1st Sem Students 10.00pm
Marking Attendance 9.30pm to 10.00pm
Study/ Silent Hour 10.30 pm to 12 Midnight (Own Room Only)
Sleep Time/ Silent Hour Off) 12.00 Midnight to 5.30 am (Own Room Only)

Students with city pass and returning late will be reported and warned. Repeated offenders will be penalized by impounding their next turn of city pass and also monetary fine as decided by the CW.

Students entering the hostel after closure of gates too will attract penalties as above.

Students entering other rooms or staying outside own rooms between 10.30 pm 5.30 am will be reported, investigated for involvement in unlawful activities and their rooms checked for banned substances.


Rights of Hostel Administration

9.1. Any breach of rules will attract enquiry and disciplinary action. The hostel authorities reserve the right to take direct disciplinary action, amounting to even expulsion at short notice from the hostel.

9.2. The Hostel authorities reserve the right to change these rules from time to time keeping the students informed through general circulars displayed on the hostel notice boards.

Admission and Refund Policy – 2022-2023

Admission into Hostels
  1. Admissions to the hostel are to be renewed every academic year in a specific online form circulated by the hostel authorities.
  2. Admission to the hostel is not a right, but a privilege extended to the students.
  3. Basic facilities will be provided by the hostel authorities for a pleasant stay on campus.
  4. Day scholars stay in the hostel – for a short duration, which is less than or equal to 10 days (Once in a semester), for academic purposes need to get permission from Chief Warden in a prescribed format. Only shared accommodation will be provided for day scholars staying in the hostel for a short duration subject to the availability of rooms.
Hostel and Mess Fee Details
Time of joining hostel Hostel Fee Mess Fee
Beginning of the Academic Year 100% 100%
Middle of Odd Semester 100% To be calculated from date of admission into hostel
Commencement of Even Semester 50% One semester mess fee
Middle of Even Semester 50% To be calculated from date of admission into hostel
Short stay in hostel (Max 10 days) – Students staying back beyond the academic semester for academics/ projects/co-curricular/extra-curricular activities with PRIOR Approval of concerned Chairperson and Office of Chief Warden. Rs. 350 per day including food.
Hostel and Mess Fee – Refund Policy
Time of vacating hostel Hostel Fee Mess Fee
Within 30 days after the start of Academic Year for Freshers Based on the number of days of stay (Rs.350 per day)
After one month (30 days) before the end of the Odd semester If vacating before 15th of the month – 50% room rent of that month will be deducted Unused mess fee
If vacating after 15th of the month – 100% room rent of that month will be deducted
After completion of Odd semester 50% of room rent will be refunded 50%
After commencement of Even Semester If vacating before 15th of the month – 50% room rent of that month will be deducted Unused mess fee (which will be less than 50%)
If vacating after 15th of the month – 100% room rent of that month will be deducted
For Internship, Fast Track course and Projects If vacating before start of semester – 50% of room rent will be refunded Unused mess fee
If vacating before 15th of the month – 50% room rent of that month will be deducted
If vacating after 15th of the month – Unused mess fee 100% room rent of that month will be deducted
General Rules
  1. Students need to pay the hostel fee and mess fee together for the academic year at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. For freshers, Rs.5000/- (Hostel admission fee that is non-refundable which is included in the Hostel fee) will be deducted when processing the refund.
  3. The Caution Deposit will be refunded after deducting breakage charges, if any.
  4. The Office of Chief Warden – Hostels has all the right to decide upon the denial of admission into the hostel.

Check List for Hostellers

Hostellers are advised to bring the below mentioned items for their comfortable stay:

  1. Lock with minimum four keys for Room, 3 small locks for cupboards
  2. Mattress fitting to cot:
    • Girls Hostel Cot size (in inches) : 76.5″ x 30″
    • Boys Hostel Cot size (in inches) : 75″ x 30″

    (Note : Provisions will be available to place an order at the Campus, but you will not have much choices to make)

  3. Pillow and bedspreads
  4. Bucket and Mug
  5. Plates and Tumblers for dining
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Umbrella
  8. Doormats
  9. Hand sanitizers
  10. Face masks
  11. Hand wash
  12. Mosquito repellents (All out/Good night machine for your room)
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