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About the Project

The development of fast, rapid and cost-effective methods for the determination of biologically important molecules has attracted considerable attention in many areas such as clinical, diagnostic, biochemical, environmental and food industries. Nowadays, the main problem faced by Human health is food safety and environmental issues. The work focuses on the sensitivity, selectivity, and response times of different sensor materials and their potential application in the design of portable sensor systems for monitoring water pollutants and remediation systems. Contaminants that may be in untreated water include pesticides and herbicides; and radioactive contaminants. Because of the more advantageous nature of the electrochemical method, we would like to proceed with using it. This method is green, fast analysis, less expensive, increasingly precise, selective, specific and highly sensitive.

Department and Campus

Chemistry, Amrita School of Physical Sciences, Amritapuri

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

Should know the basic lab skills to set up chemical reactions

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