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The present status and update on progress of the work through Govt channels

Quoting from ‘Report on the status of water and electricity in the Amrita SeRVe villages’ dated 6/2/2016.

“There are only 5 public hand pumps in the village. 2 of the hand pumps doesn’t have water anymore. One hand pump is little close to one of the toilets build by AMMACHI Labs. The villagers complain that water waste from the sceptic tank is getting mixed with the water being drawn out from the hand pump. This water is usually used for drinking and other domestic purposes. They say that the water comes out of the pump discoloured. This water has to tested in a water testing centre to disprove the villagers’ claim even though we didn’t see any when we tested the water immediately.
There are two ponds in the village. One pond, including the pathway to the pond is a waste haven. The other big pond is full of algae and other water based vegetation. During rainy season the water from this big pond floods area around 4 to 5 homes which makes it difficult for the people living there. Open sewage is a big health hazard and this, along with road, is the major pain point for the villagers. Bore wells have been dug by house owners inside their compound and they don’t experience any water problems but the majority of the villagers who cannot afford such a setup is experiencing acute water shortage. Most of the villagers go to a lady who gives water to others for a fee.
Apparently about 60% of the houses have drawn electricity by illegal means. Otherwise, they would have to pay relatively substantial amount to keep up their monthly usage of lights, fan, TV and in some houses, air coolers. About 40% of them have legal connection and they pay about Rs. 300/- every two months. Solution proposed by the villagers: Construct a community tank and provide public taps. Also repair the drainage system and roads.”

Shri Ravi Kalanderji along with local people have made some efforts. Upon his suggestion, the team from ASE Ettimadai interacted with Shri. Divakar Tripathi IAS (MP Secretary to Rajnath Singh) who informed that Rs. 25 lacs has been allocated but it will take more time for its release. For temporary solution he sent us to Mr. Zaidi, Executive Engineer, Nagar Nigam. The executive engineer revealed that Nagar Nigam has no funds and nothing can be done in that area as it is a private encroached colony. Upon our request he sent JE Mr. Rajaneesh Kumar to the site. We had a detailed reconnaissance survey at the site.
We interacted with Shri. Avanindr, Secretary to Rajnath Singh who assured that the file on Dr. Kheda’s drainage work is in his hands and they will do something in a couple of months. They are waiting for the elections to get over. Upon our request he assured that he will get some work done immediately after consulting the city Mayor Shri. Dinesh Singh.


Sustainable solution (Preferred and strongly recommended)

  1. Construct proper road and provide proper drainage system. Divert the drainage water to the adjacent nala without allowing it to go to the pond. (Approx 20 lacs)
  2. Renovate the existing pond and protect the pond (approx. 30 to 40 lacs)
  3. Provide proper garbage picking mechanism through Lucknow Nagar Nigam

Temporary solution (short term, to be executed within 3 months) (Budget: approx.

Dig a deep community bore (approx. 150 ft deep). Construct a community tank of 15000 liters capacity with three outlets at the bottom (water taps). Install a motor to pump water from the bore to the RCC tank.
Option 1: Instruct the residents to collect water from the community tank.
Option 2: Lay pipelines with water outlet (taps) at few common points on each street and let water reach by means of gravity. In this case, the community tank must be at a raised level.

PS: Any work to be carried out in consultation with Nagar Nigam and Shri Rajnath Singh’s office as the area is disputed for being encroached as private colony and constructions made therein are not legal.
There is no water scarcity in the area but ground water itself is polluted. It is strongly recommended to get the road and proper drainage systems installed which will solve half of the problem. The renovation of pond will change the face of the colony towards progress.


Team members

Team from Amrita, Coimbatore:

People interacted:

  • Ms. Keerti (Teacher, Coordinating skill development center at Dr. Kheda)
  • Dr. Divakar Tripathi, IAS (MP Secretary to Sri. Rajnath Singh), 9415006729
  • Sri. AvanIndr (Secretary to Sri. Rajnath Signh), 09412504500
  • Sri. Zaidi, Executive Engineer, Lucknow Nagar Nigam
  • Sri. Rajaneesh Kumar, JE, Lucknow Nagar Nigam, 07800876961
  • Sri. Om Prakash (on phone)
  • Sri. Ravi Kalendar (on phone)
  • Sri. Rahul Rastogi (on phone)
  • Many villagers
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