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Amala Bharatam Campaign Begins in Mysore

May 9, 2011 - 1:25
Amala Bharatam Campaign Begins in Mysore

The fourth Sunday of last month marked the beginning of the Amala Bharatam Campaign at the Mysore campus.

Over three hundred students whole-heartedly joined in the cleaning crusade that has already seen participation from thousands of Amrita students at all campuses.

Amala Bharatam Campaign“For the first time, Mysore campus got the chance to pitch in,” stated Br. Sunil, Director. “Students responded with a lot of interest.”

Video screenings of the Amala Bharatam cleaning activities at other Amrita campuses had also served to awaken interest and motivation among the students.

Sri. S. A. Ramadas, Honorable Minister for Medical Education and District in-Charge, formally inaugurated the first cleaning drive at Chikkagadiyara Circle, a busy traffic hub in Mysore city.

When Amma had visited Mysore in February this year, the Minister had declared his intention to make Mysore a healthy city, free of plastic and trash, by the time Amma returned next year.Amala Bharatam Campaign

He had asked the audience to get together and support Amma’s vision of an environmentally friendly and aware society.

Today, with broomstick in hand, he led by example, inspiring others to come forward and participate in the cleaning.

Also inspiring others was Mayor Sri. Sandesh Swamy, who administered an oath to keep the city clean to all participating students and members of the public.

Deputy Mayor Smt. Pushpa Latha, Area Corporator Ravi, Punjab National Bank Manager Sri. Mudre were also present, taking an active part in the cleaning activities.I

Amala Bharatam Campaign

n no time, the city roads were swept and garbage collected at the city centre. This garbage would be sorted to retrieve recyclable items and compost biodegradable waste.

The students were done for the day, but not finished. Just like their peers on other campuses, they would engage in these clean-up activities in an ongoing manner.

Sajith Varriyar is a second-year MCA student and his friend Raghavendra Shenoy is a final-year BCA student at the Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Mysore. The duo is part of Green Friends active on campus. “But this was a fresh, new experience for us,” they said. “It was really a different experience that united our whole campus. We felt proud to be part of such an initiative.”

Amala Bharatam Campaign


“It was very inspiring to see students working together for a noble cause,” stated Adwitiya Mukhopadhyay, faculty in the Department of Computer Science, who cleaned alongside the students.

“I feel very proud of our students. Now all of us have something to look forward to, the fourth Sunday cleaning every month!” he added.

May 9, 2011
Mysore Campus

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