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Dusty Nanoliquid Flow through a Stretching Cylinder in a Porous Medium with the Influence of the Melting Effect

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : MDPI

Source : Processes. 10 (2022) 1065

Url :

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2022

Abstract : The melting effect, a type of heat transferal process, is a fascinating mechanism of thermo-physics. It is related to phase change issues that occur in several industrial mechanisms. Glass treatment, polymer synthesis, and metal processing are among these. In view of this, the current investigation explicates the flow of a dusty nanofluid through a stretching cylinder in a porous medium by considering the effect of the melting heat transfer phenomenon. Using the required similarity transformations, the governing partial differential equations (PDEs) showing the energy transference and fluid motion in both the liquid and dust phases were translated into ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The numerical solutions for the acquired ODEs were developed using the Runge–Kutta–Fehlberg method of fourth–fifth order (RKF-45) and the shooting process. Graphical representations were used to interpret the effects of the governing parameters, including the porosity parameter, the Eckert number, and the stretching and melting parameters, on the respective velocity and temperature profiles for both the fluid and dust phases. The skin friction coefficient and the Nusselt number were also discussed and tabulated. The outcomes show that enhancing the porosity parameter will diminish the fluid- and dust-phase velocities. Fluid velocity, dust-phase velocity, and temperature improve with escalating values of the curvature parameter, whereas the melting effect reduces the thermal profiles of the fluid and dust phases. The surface drag force declines with an improvement in curvature and porosity constraints.

Cite this Research Publication : M. Umeshaiah, J.K. Madhukesh, U. Khan, S. Rana, A. Zaib, Z. Raizah, A.M. Galal, Dusty Nanoliquid Flow through a Stretching Cylinder in a Porous Medium with the Influence of the Melting Effect, Processes. 10 (2022) 1065. [MDPI], Impact Factor:3.352 Journal quartile: Q2

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