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Relationship between life style and puberty of girls with reference to high school students of Mysuru City

Publisher : Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems

Year : 2019

Abstract : Lifestyle is referred to as the way we people lead our lives. Lifestyle includes many aspects of our daily life; it may be food habits, daily routine, living environment and many more. The life of human being relies on their lifestyle. If we lead a life according to the norms about staying healthier, automatically the physical development will be normal and maturation takes place at the right point of time. Maturation among girls indicates the right time of getting puberty. Usually it starts at the age of 11, which is the correct developmental stage of a girl’s body. If it happens before the age of 11, it is called as the precocious puberty this will hamper the development of the body and also affects the self-esteem of a girl. The objective of this study is to figure out the relationship between lifestyle and puberty of girls with reference to high school students of Mysuru city. Puberty relies on the lifestyle. The study is a survey method. The samples selected were high school students of Mysuru city. The sample size is 100 students. Questionnaire is used to collect the data. There are two types of questionnaires; one among them is on the lifestyle and another questionnaire was on the puberty. Simple random sampling technique was used to collect the data. The statistical techniques used to analyse the data were descriptive statistics, t-test, and correlation. The findings of the study proved that, there is a positive relationship existing between lifestyle and puberty. © 2019, Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, Inc.. All rights reserved.

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