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Amrita Centre for Evidence Based Oral Health

A JBI Affiliated Group
JBI and JBI Collaboration
JBI is a global organisation promoting and supporting evidence-based decisions that improve health and health service delivery. JBI offers a unique range of solutions to access, appraise and apply the best available evidence.

JBI is driven to improving health outcomes in communities globally by promoting and supporting the use of the best available evidence to inform decisions made at the point of care. This work begins and ends with the needs of those working in and using healthcare services. JBI responds to their questions and provides high quality, reliable information that is pragmatic and useful where it counts.

This information is based on evidence that is feasible, appropriate, meaningful and effective to specific populations and settings. JBI achieves this by working with universities and hospitals from across the globe through the JBI Collaboration. In doing so JBI ensures that the research evidence we seek to synthesise, transfer and implement is culturally inclusive and relevant across the diversity of healthcare internationally.

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Amrita Centre for Evidence Based Oral Health

Amrita Centre for Evidence Based Oral Health was inaugurated on 08-07-2021. The vision of the centre is to synthesize evidence and improve translation of this into policy and practice related to oral health at national and global level. The centre offers the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program, the JBI Scoping Review Workshop and the JBI Evidence Implementation Training Program. The centre regularly conduct evidence based dissemination activities and events.

  • 1st JBI Affiliated Group to focus on oral health
  • 4th JBI Affiliated Group in India
  • 76th JBI Affiliated Group in the world


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