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The Integrated MTech+PhD program is a specialized program that allows eligible students to complete both M.Tech and PhD degrees at an accelerated pace, as well as specialize in several interdisciplinary areas.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s integrated M. Tech.+Ph. D. Programme is an offering that has been an outcome of its pioneering work in impactful research towards society over the past decade. By crystallizing challenges in emerging areas that are of high relevance from techno-social and Industry perspective, this integrated program ensures students are part of a structured program and graduate with mentorship from some of the most recognized faculty in Amrita and its International partners.

Important Advantages of Integrated MTech+ PhD include:

  1. Students who opt for Integrated MTech+ PhD program are given priority to earn M.Tech and/or PhD scholarships.
  2. Credits earned as part of M.Tech in the integrated program are transferred into the PhD program.
  3. Students that are selected for the Integrated program automatically are eligible for International internships and Dual degrees from Top 200 Universities in the World. International Partners
  4. Integrated Program students have flexibility in designing learning and research trajectories as part of Interdisciplinary studies to suit one's interests.
  5. Total Timeline to earn Dual Degrees i.e. M.Tech & PhD could be significantly reduced in comparison to the normal course of time taken to earn M.Tech and PhD degrees (6+ years).