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Amrita Center for Economics & Governance (ACEG) is a multi-disciplinary research network with focus on economic analysis of development episodes and design and evaluation of innovative public policies and governance regimes. The recent revival of interest among economists in public policy and governance is not random; it has deep theoretical underpinnings. New growth economists have challenged the market driven predictions of neoclassical economists that countries will converge in growth and income distribution. So the current conventional wisdom stemming from the ground reality seems to be that the complexity of economic and social regress can be better explained by understanding the dynamics and constraints of domestic policies and institutions in the global context.

The idea to develop a research center focusing on dynamics of development and various aspects of economic and social performance emerged in 2014 when economists and finance analysts at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Faculty of Management scattered over 4 campuses of the institution started participating in collaborative research on thematic issues. In addition to in-house researchers, international experts in the field also expressed interest in this research endeavour. Besides promoting and disseminating applied research on development and policy, capacity building through professional education for researchers and public policymakers has been considered a vital engagement for the center in the medium term.



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