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SAMVIT, meaning “knowledge” or “consciousness” in Sanskrit, is the bi-annual magazine about India’s Society & Culture published by the Centre. It aims at creating awareness on India’s vibrant civilization primarily through well-researched content. It provides a platform to researchers to portray the treasure trove of Indian heritage through an array of articles.

Multidisciplinary in orientation, stretching from wide aspects of Indian culture to current social issues, SAMVIT has the core belief that it is always the past which forms the foundation for the present and the better future ahead. It is created to encourage everyone from all walks of life to have a broader understanding of Indian heritage and seek for higher inspirations from ancient wisdom to cultivate an all-rounded living in the current setting of modern world. It also intends to motivate young Indians to become guardians of their culture with proper values, respect and a sense of belonging.


  • COVID-19: Courage in Crisis
  • Amaruśatakam
  • Epidemics in Āyurveda
  • Gṛdhra-Jambuka-Samvāda
  • Sanskrit in the Aṣṭādhyāyī
  • Karmayoga and Kriyāyoga
  • Buddhist Tantra through the Western Lens
  • Hydrotherapy
  • On the Meaning of Yoga
  • Repha
  • Prosody in Poetics
  • Darśanamāla
  • Silver and the World of Rituals
  • Teyyam: Of Rituals and Myths
  • Sahagamana (Sati) in Indian Tradition
  • Onake Obavva
  • Of Science and Spirituality
  • Gurjaḍa Appārao
  • Śravaṇa Bel̥agol̥a
  • The Difficulty of Being Good
  • Durga Bhagwat
  • Prof. Saroja Bhate
  • Centre Snap



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