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The Centre provides complementary courses of education for undergraduate students of all disciplines to develop better personality as well-developed human beings with better social sensitivity and cosmic awareness, through studying, imbibing, practicing, and spreading the essence of the wisdom of Indian scriptures, rishis and God realized masters, through the media of arts, culture, and languages, etc.

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Cultural Education

The Centre offers a two-credit (mandatory) course on Indian culture to all first year undergraduate students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. The program aims to offer students an excellent introduction to the nuances of Indian thought for inspiring them to develop a deep understanding on and appreciation for their rich cultural heritage. Such an education not only makes students fulfill their academic potentials, but also transforms them into well-grounded, self-fulfilled individuals with confidence and higher values.

The rich dimensions of Indian culture and values, spiritual epics, evolution of Indian society and other related topics are studied. Yoga and meditation classes are also offered for enhancing the body-and-mind balance.

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Amrita Values Program

Amrita Values Program is a one-credit (mandatory) course that is offered to second year undergraduate students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. The program imparts different methodologies to apply cultural and traditional aspects in the life of aspirants.

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Cultural Electives

Electives in Indian cultural studies are available for students pursuing Engineering, Business, and Arts and Sciences. Some of the electives are basic Sanskrit, Sanskrit Vyakarana, Glimpses of Eternal India, Classical Sanskrit Literature, Darshanas, Yoga Psychology, Exploring Science and Technology in Ancient India, and Ancient Indian Yogic & Vedic Wisdom.

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