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June 5, 2010
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

The Anti Tobacco Movement at Amrita (ATMA) observed World No-Tobacco Day on May 31, 2010 at the Health Sciences campus.

Composed of student members, ATMA was begun as a student initiative in 2002 by the first batch of MBBS students. Since then, it has carried out a relentless drive against the use of tobacco.

Inauguration by K.J YesudasThanks to its efforts, the health sciences campus in Kochi today, is an entirely tobacco- and smoke-free environment.

The only consumer product that kills, when used as intended by its manufactures, tobacco is said to be the world’s leading preventable cause of death.

The use of tobacco causes nearly five million deaths a year, or one death every 6.5 seconds.

Students and faculty at the Health Sciences campus came together, to re-affirm their commitment against tobacco, to mark this year’s World No-Tobacco Day.

Renowned playback singer, Padmabhushan Dr. K. J. Yesudas, inaugurated the evening function.

“We should be healthy and make others healthy,” he stated. “Those who are addicted to smoking are spoiling themselves and others.”

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke can result in cancer of various organs, lung diseases, infertility, cardiac ailments and destruction of the fetus. These facts are scientifically proven.

No Tobacco WorldThe accomplished singer then treated the gathering of students and faculty to a rendering of an excerpt from the Narayaneeyam, ‘Yogindranam thvadangeshvadhikasumadhuram …’

The melodious rendering was followed by educative presentations and talks by students about the harmful effects of tobacco usage.

Dr. K. K. Haridas, HoD, Department of Cardiology and Dr. Prathapan Nair, Principal, Amrita School of Medicine, also spoke.

In addition, the evening program saw several student presentations including skits, mimes, and stage shows, all depicting tobacco-related harmful health effects.

ATMA had also organized exhibits for the public.

ATMA’s educational programs help enlighten the community about the harmful effects of tobacco usage, harmful chemical content in tobacco, the necessity and methods for habit cessation, etc. Anti-Tobacco programs are conducted in schools, as well, in order to stop the younger generation from becoming addicted to tobacco usage.

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