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TAP Energy 2015 International Conference Concluded at Amrita

July 16, 2015 - 12:00
TAP Energy 2015 International Conference Concluded at Amrita

The IEEE International Conference on “Technological Advancements in Power & Energy– TAP Energy 2015″, organized by the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Amritapuri campus was successfully held  24th to 26th June 2015.

With inspiration from AMMA, the conference became a unique event that ignited many minds to think about the importance of rural electrification developments in India. The event was financially supported by Science Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India.  

The major attractions of the conference were four keynote sessions, which added additional  technical value to the conference. Dr. Krishna Shenai, Adjunct Professor, North Western University, USA, made this event fruitful in every sense with his presence throughout the conference, from inauguration to valedictory. He delivered his keynote address on the topic, “Distributed Generation for Emerging Economies”. 

The keynote address by Dr. Walter Issamu Suemitsu, Dean, NIDES, Brazil, gave a different dimension to the conference by discussing the Brazilian electric power systems: issues and challenges” with a global perspective. The power electronic giant, Dr. Ned Mohan, Oscar A Schott Professor, University of Minnesota, USA, made his address on the topic, “Graduate Courses in Electric Power, Power Electronics and Electric Drives with an Emphasis on Sustainability”, which made us think where we may be lacking in giving education to make energy engineers today. Dr. Gopakumar, Professor, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru gave his keynote on “Multilevel Inverter Topologies with a Single DC Link for Induction Motor Drive”. 

There were two pre-conference tutorial sessions which added value for post graduate students. The first one was by Mr. Subhash Joshi, Senior Engineer, CDAC, Trivandrum on the topic “A Summary of Various Power Quality Solutions Developed by CDAC and its Results” and the second one was by Mr. Deepak E. Soman, Research Associate, Uppsala University, Sweden on the topic “Wave EnergyConversion: Technologies & Challenges”.  Another exciting event of the conference was a panel discussion on the topic “How Do We Transform Electricity Infrastructure for Rural & Urban India?” which was moderated by Dr. Krishna Shenai with eight other experts taking part in the event. The session was wrapped up by emphasizing the need to provide basic amenities in villages, in addition to implementing advanced electrification solutions. 

TAP Energy 2015 received 295 paper submissions from 6 countries in addition to India: USA, Norway, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia and Estonia. After clearing the plagiarism check, 190 papers were sent for peer review and 120 manuscripts were accepted with an acceptance ratio of 40%. TAP Energy received a wide acceptance in the authors’ community with a camera ready paper submission of 90 papers to be published through IEEE Digital Xplore and with more than 100 delegate registrations. The Conference witnessed 22 paper presentation sessions with 9 different tracks in the field of power and energy which were:

  1. Control & Instrumentation (1 Track)
  2. Power Systems (4 Tracks)
  3. Power Quality & FACTS (4 Tracks)
  4. Energy Efficient Industrial Drives (2 Tracks)
  5. Power Electronic Modeling (3 Tracks)
  6. Emergent Renewable Energy Technologies (4 Tracks)
  7. Energy Efficiency & Management (1 Track)
  8. Distributed Generation & Smart Grid (2 Tracks)
  9. Microwave & Image Processing (1 Track)

The credit for this success story goes to the faculty, staff members and students of EEE department. Their enthusiastic effort to host the first IEEE International conference of the department is admirable and no words of gratitude can truly describe and thank them  sufficiently for their team work. 


International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power & Energy (TAP Energy 2015)

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