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API Setu: Bridging the data gap across India.

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About API Setu

An API is a software or a mechanism that allows two software to talk to each other. It may be thought of as a waiter in a restaurant who acts as an intermediary and facilitates the communication between the customer and the chef. In a governmental context, an API allows users to request certain information from various government sources. API then fetches the relevant information from the right server and presents it back to the user.

“Setu” in local Indian Hindi language means bridge. API Setu is the Indian government’s open and interoperable platform to enable quick and transparent software integration with other e-governance applications and systems that bridge the gap between various independent platforms.

There are several use cases for the API Setu platform which has seamlessly integrated into the lives of millions of Indians. DigiLocker one of the key platforms that is running smoothly due to seamless API integration. It acts as a digital locker that safely keeps and stores all important documents such as higher education certificates, driver’s licenses, and so on for citizens by simply inputting the Aadhaar number. The Covid pandemic fuelled the adoption of this technology as people increasingly switched to online mode to carry out their daily tasks.

Length of the Case: 1 hr

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