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Amrit Khel Mahotsav

May 16, 2024 - 11:22
Amrit Khel Mahotsav

On April 16th, 2024, Amrit Khel Mahotsav celebrated athleticism, camaraderie, & sportsmanship at Amrita School of Medicine Faridabad. The principal, Col. Dr. BK Mishra’s opening speech energized students eager to compete. House spirit soared as the National Anthem united participants. The day began with a dominant student victory in Tug of War, showcasing their strength and teamwork. An exciting cricket match followed, with the faculty team ultimately winning by 46 runs despite a valiant student chase.

Beyond competition, sportsmanship reigned. The prize distribution honoured individual and team excellence in chess, badminton, races, and more. Yashika Batra and Vartesh Chaudhary were crowned Athletes of the Year, while Disha Goyal and Aayush Gandhi received Sports Person of the Year awards. Aakash House secured the coveted Overall Best House title.

As the sun set, participants departed with memories of competition, victories, and lasting sportsmanship. The Amrit Khel Mahotsav will be remembered for its thrilling contests and the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and excellence it fostered.

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