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E-Sign: Signature of new India

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About E-sign

eSign allows users to digitally sign documents as long as the signer fulfills the criteria of having an Aadhaar number and his/her biometrics and mobile number linked with Aadhaar.

This technology digitizes the document verification step in the earlier process which was very time-consuming by introducing eKYC

The advantages include huge savings of administrative costs and time; Aadhaar e-KYC-based authentication ensures validity and reduces chances of misuse. It has also helped to improve user experience by making the signing process faster and easier. It prevents forgery and increases authenticity checks by allowing for the signatories to be verified. Flexible and fast integration with applications using APIs allows for a wide variety of use cases for private players as well. Privacy concerns are also addressed with a complete audit trail and an immediate destruction of keys after usage.

Apart from the convenience provided by this technology, it has a major environmental impact as well. In addition to eliminating the need of paper contracts completely, it does not require any additional physical device like a USB device which might add to e-waste, making it a completely eco-friendly alternative to earlier methods of signing.

Length of the Case: 1 hr

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