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Achievements by Amrita Center for Digital Health

AIMS is one of the few medical institutions in India chosen by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Government of India, to participate in its pilot “Telemedicine Project” which provides tele-consultations to remote locations in India.

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Amrita’s telemedicine program is made possible through its link with an Indian Satellite Research Organization (ISRO) satellite. The achievements of the Amrita Telemedicine project are many and varied:

  • There has been a substantial decline in unnecessary referrals to specialists
  • Patient satisfaction with the face-to-face video consultation has been significant
  • Diabetes in gestational pregnancy brought under control and ensured safe delivery for Lakshadweep patients
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment prescribed for SNM Hospital patient in Leh-Ladakh
  • Videoconferencing also opened up new possibilities for continuing medical education or training for isolated or rural health practitioners, who may not be able to leave a rural practice to take part in professional meetings or educational opportunities
  • The Telemedicine service provides primary specialist diagnosis, second opinion, recommended treatment and post-treatment advice based on consultation and medical data test results
  • DNB teaching programs is being telecasted to other telemedicine centers, like Tiruvananthapuram Medical College
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  • On 13th January 2003, Amrita’s first remote tele-surgery procedure was performed. The Amrita Emergency Care Unit at Pampa (on the way to Sabarimala shrine of Lord Ayyappa, a famous pilgrimage centre in eastern Kerala) was able to save the life of a pilgrim by the tele-surgical procedure using the local telemedicine facility. The cardio-vascular thoracic surgeon guided the procedure remotely and the pediatric cardiologist at Pampa performed the procedure
  • Both national and international seminars and workshops are being conducted regularly at Amrita
  • A mobile Tele-medicine serves the rural and tribal areas of Kerala
  • Postgraduate training programs, live interaction of CME programs with various telemedicine centers simultaneously Through the Amrita Telemedicine service
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