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Amrita Telemedicine Services

The telemedicine service at AIMS is the first telemedicine centre in Kerala which was started in September 2002. This center was set up with the help of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which selected AIMS for its pilot telemedicine project in the state of Kerala.

The service aims to provide the best medical care to the remote corners of India, to the people who cannot afford the treatment due to their inability to travel, cost, unawareness etc. Now, more than 60 centers in India are connected from AIMS. Aside from providing consultations to the remote corners of India, AIMS uses its telemedicine link to educate doctors in remote primary centres in the latest medical advancements through seminars, workshops and teaching programs.

The integrated Amrita Tele-Medicine solution is ideal for tertiary facilities serving rural and frontier communities and aligned Critical Access Hospitals. The Amrita Telemedicine connectivity has 60 national centers and nine international centers.

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Telemedicine consultation services are provided to many geographically remote locations across the country starting from the islands of Lakshadweep to the mountains of Leh to the holy shrine of Sabarimala and to many other remote locations committed in bridging the health care gap.

Amrita telemedicine service provides primary specialist diagnosis, second opinion, recommends treatment and post treatment advice based on clinical details, appropriate radiological and laboratory investigations and consultation via video conferencing.

Remote doctor can have a teleconsultation about a patient with the specialist either with or without the presence of the patient. In the past ten years, we have so far provided over 5000 teleconsultations to the patients in remote places, which have helped them to avoid unnecessary travel to superspeciality hospitals. AIMS is by and large connected to most of the telemedicine centers across the country and also to some of the popular international centers.

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A variety of health programs are telecasted to remote health centers having telemedicine facility for the benefit of the general public. We conduct various health awareness programs to the general mass and also health surveyors and other health facilitators. There are regular tele education classes being held by the community medicine department of AIMS to various tsunami affected areas within the state as well as outside the state.

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A remote doctor can have a teleconsultation with an expert surgeon for conducting an operation. Though telemedicine is relatively new in India, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences has the distinction of conducting the first telesurgery in India.

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Continuing Medical Education Programs

Continuing medical education for the doctors, specialists, and nurses which include tele-education, training, and the sharing of information and opinions through seminars, workshop, and grand rounds (multi-specialty discussion). Over 700 CME programs, conferences, and case discussions are conducted. These all are broadcasted to remote medical institutes and other medical colleges. These CMEs includes regular CMEs, national and international seminars, conferences, workshops and grand rounds.

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Distant Education Programs

Medical courses and classes are scheduled and conducted for students, doctors, and specialists remotely in various medical specialties.

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