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Amrita Yoga & IAM Meditation

The Amrita volunteers reached out to more than 70 prisons and Borstal Schools (Juvenile Detention Centres), including central prisons, district prisons, sub-jails, and special sub-jails spread across Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This program has touched the lives of over 21,000 prisoners in over 1100 sessions in Kerala and over 6700 prisoners in over 106 sessions in Tamil Nadu till now for both men and women inmates. We have conducted online classes for 14 prisons in Tamil Nadu for over 500 participants during this pandemic time.

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A Transformative Program for Prisoners

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Mata Amritanandamayi Math, along with Kerala Prisons & Correctional Services and Tamil Nadu Prison Department initiated Amrita Yoga classes and IAM Technique meditation sessions in 2018 to transform the jail inmates physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Freedom from Real Prison

Everyone is a prisoner of their own thoughts. Because of the situations and experiences we encounter in life, we are enslaved by our emotions and negative thoughts. But because we are unaware that we are imprisoned, we are unable to comprehend the source of our sadness or dissatisfaction.

We will only be able to break free from this mental prison if we are aware that we are in it. The need for a tool to bring self-awareness emerges here. Yoga and meditation are the most effective methods for increasing self-awareness. We can achieve internal freedom regardless of external conditions.

Our goal is to teach jail inmates yoga and meditation techniques to help them become more self-aware. They learn breathing with awareness, self-analysis, and managing emotions through these exercises. As a result, they will become better individuals, which will lead to a better society.


Tamil Nadu

The service of teaching yoga and meditaion by Mata Amritanandamayi Math to the prison inmates across the state is highly appreciated. We also want the Math to give similar classes to the prison department staff members.

DIG of Prisons
Headquarters, Kerala

Incarceration is very tough on any individuals irrespective of the nature of their offense and many find it very difficult to adapt to their situations inside Jails. It might lead to depression which leads to many challenges in a Jail setup. We dwelled upon it a lot and arrived at the thought of providing Yoga to prisoners and discussed it with Mata Amritanandamayi Math who were only happy to provide their services. The Yoga training program provided by them has been of great help in improving the mental health of prisoners and we are indebted to Mata Amritanandamayi Math for their services.

Ernakulam Sub Jail, Kerala

This is a fantastic class for the inmates of the sub-jail. It is more beneficial to the inmates in terms of stress reduction and health maintenance. It is an effective method of avoiding bad habits and practises. It is more advantageous to us because it aids in the correction of offences. It will also aid in lowering the society’s crime rate.

Kakkanad District Jail, Kerala

Yoga provides physical and mental energy and refreshment to inmates who practise it on a regular basis. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about the class, and I’m seeing a lot of inmates change for the better. Many inmates reported that their back pain had decreased after practising yoga every day. Yoga is expensive to learn from any other institution, but Mata Amritanandamayi Math is offering classes as a seva, which is a fantastic initiative.

Special Sub Jail Vythiri, Kerala

This class has assisted the inmates in reducing their mental stress and providing them with new physical and mental energy. When I speak with the inmates, I can tell that they have decided that once they are released from prison, they will live a peaceful life and will have a cooperative attitude toward society.

Special Sub Jail Manjeri, Kerala

There were also sessions for mentally transforming them in addition to the yoga sessions. According to my personal research into the inmate class, I discovered that the class had a significant impact on the inmates and had assisted them in reducing their mental stress, which eventually led to a change in the jail’s environment.

Sub Jail Attingal, Kerala

The yoga classes are assisting the inmates in making significant changes in their attitudes and thoughts. They have the ability to ask us questions and smile at the same time. We request that you hold these classes at regular intervals. We would like to express our gratitude to Mata Amritanandamayi Math for initiating this initiative, which promotes peace and hope in all jails.

Sub Jail Attingal, Kerala

The inmates who attended the yoga sessions told me that they have noticed a significant reduction in mental and physical stress, and that the values they learned during the talk will help them lead a better life and prepare for re-entry into society.

Welfare Officer
District Jail, Poojapura, Kerala

Inmates have told me that yoga classes have helped them reduce mental stress, and that they have been able to reduce their violent tendencies and develop good virtues and habits as a result.

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