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About Project
  1. Quantum Communication is new emerging area. It is considered as one of the most niche are of work. Whether, it is communication, computing, security, network; there are numerous work need to be investigated.
  2. 5G, the advanced communication system is another most talked about the subject in recent years. While 5G standards is on the verge of release, 6G research has started. ML, DL with 5G is the field of investigation which defines 6G. Apart from several verticals and usecases, 6G promises many different communication such as transmission of senses.
  3. ntegrated terrestrial and non terrestrial network is another promissing area. Rel17 talks about this activity.
  4. UAV to UAV communication, 5G with UAV and integrated networks
Department & Campus

ECE Dept. Bengaluru campus

Skillsets preferred from applicants

Strong Math and Matlab

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How to Apply

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