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About the Project

Object Extraction of Tennis Video Based on Deep Learning:
Moving target detection and tracking technology is the core technology in the field of computer vision. It integrates image processing, pattern recognition and intelligence, and artificial intelligence and automatic control are the keys to an intelligent video surveillance system. The method acquires video image signals through visible light or infrared sensors, performs digital image processing on the video images, detects moving targets, and then extracts moving targets for target recognition. Then, the moving target is predicted and tracked according to the image features and spatiotemporal features, and the contour shape, position, and motion trajectory of the target are obtained, which provides data support for subsequent tasks. It uses the convolutional neural network model HyperNet as the technical support to study the deep learning (DL) tennis video target extraction. The proposed model has to be compared with the existing system with the datasets and has to be evaluated using evaluation metrics.

Department & Campus

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Chennai Campus

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants

Tableau, PowerBI, SSRS, SAS, Python, Rapid Miner

Faculty profile

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr. M. Chandralekha

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Chennai

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