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About the Project

Low-power VLSI design:
The microelectronic industry has achieved phenomenal growth over the last three decades. The applications of telecommunications, High-performance computing, Medical, and Automotive have been increasing steadily. This is mainly due to the advances in Integrated Circuit (IC) technologies. The demand for DSP processors, Microprocessors, Communication, and Networking devices/systems is increasing daily. Typically, the required power, silicon area, and performance are the driving force behind these applications. So, efficient low-power and high-performance (VLSI) design methodologies are the need of the hour.
VLSI Testing:
Modern-day VLSI circuits are very complex and dense. Supported by the highly developed modern deep sub-micron (DSM) technologies, it contains a very large number of components and their interconnects packed in a very small area. With this increasing circuit complexity and circuit density, the probability of having defects in the circuit also increases. A defect in a circuit can cause the whole system to malfunction. To ensure the proper functioning of the manufactured device, the circuit must be tested. Thus, testing becomes a major part of the manufacturing process. So, efficient test pattern generation and test-time reduction methods are the need of the hour.
Hardware-based security and Trust:
Hardware Trojans are referred to as the intended malicious modification of an Integrated Circuit (IC) design, and it leads to the incorrect functionality of the design. The core part of any electronic system is Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Hardware (HW) Trojan attacks have become a major threat to ICs. Generally, Hardware Trojans are triggered under very rare situations and this makes it very hard to detect and locate. So, better detection and prevention methods are the need of the hour.

Department and Campus

Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

VHDL, Verilog, Python


Design Methodologies for Low Power VLSI circuits, VLSI Testing, Hardware Security and Trust, IoT
Dr. Prabhu E.

Assistant Professor (S. G)
Electronics and Communication Engineering
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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