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About the Project

A novel DC-DC/DC-AC converter topology to be designed to lower stress across the switch with improved voltage gain to meet drive train (BLDC Motor/PMSM motor) scenarios. Proposed FuelCell/battery/supercapacitor with improved MPPT technique integrated to drive train using a novel high gain converter to be developed and deployed considering compact sizing suitable for the EV and grid applications is the requirement of the work. This work will pave the research way toward green technology development in the transport and power sector, meeting the UNSDG17 sustainable goals.

Department and Campus

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

The required skillset for the proposed work requires handling MATLAB/dsPIC/dSPACE/LabVIEW environment.


Development of Novel DC-DC/DC-AC Converter Topology with FuelCell/Battery/Supercapacitor Powered Drive Train Applications
Dr. K.R.M. Vijaya Chandrakala

Associate Professor

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