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About the Project

Highly selective and sensitive sensors are pressing priority in all realms of analysis. Voltammetric sensors have been a choice of multi-analyte determination using the same probe making it more economical and attractive. Disposable electrochemical sensors are the sensors of current scenario for the multiplexing assay of biomarkers at the point of care diagnosis.
India has to depend undoubtedly on renewable sources in the coming years to meet its energy requirements in addition to the ambition to achieve net-zero emission by 2030. Hence, the development of alternate sources of energy is highly essential to quench the energy cravings of the society. An important solution to this problem is to store the energy electrochemically (in a secondary battery or in hydrogen and its derivatives) and to make use of it in a controlled fashion at some time after it has been initially gathered and stored. Hence, We also focus on the development of electrode material for energy storage devices.

Department and Campus

Chemistry, Amrita School of Physical Sciences, Amritapuri


Disposable Electrochemical Sensor for Biomarkers and Energy Storage Devices
Dr. Beena S.

Assistant Professor (Sl. Gd.)
Chemistry, School of Arts and Sciences

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