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About the Project

Title of Research Domain: Design and Development of a DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles.

Pollution is one of the biggest problems in India via ignition from the vehicles. One of the steps to limit this is to promote green mobility and increase the use of electric cars. As a result, the government is promoting green mobility and the increase in the use of electric cars. The prime objectives of research work is to develop and analyze an isolated DC-DC Resonant Converter for onboard/off-board electric vehicle charging applications. Two stage chargers are typically composed of two stages: a front-end AC–DC stage and a back-end DC-DC stage. Different topologies are existing for both the converters. Even then, the significant barrier to the successful implementation of E-mobility globally is its charging time and performance crisis. The current work concentrates on charging system of electric vehicle with the enhancement of existing technologies for better performance, response, stability and control capabilities. There is an urgent need to offer flexible charging infrastructure for different vehicle segments to drive adoption of EVs and the development of an enhanced system can be beneficial to the auto-makers, government and to the customers.

Department & Campus

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Bengaluru campus

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

Modelling of Power Electronics Converters, Controllers

Faculty Profile

Electric Vehicles – ON Board Chargers – Doctoral Research Topic
Dr. K. Deepa

Associate Professor,
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
School of Engineering,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru

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