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About the Project

Good Health and Well being is an imperative component of the Sustainable Development Goals. Health and well being is merely considered as the physical health and physical wellness and mental health is still considered with stigma which raises challenges. In 2020 it was found that the global prevalence of anxiety and Depression increased by an estimate of 25% with young people and women most affected (
Research on health and mental health particularly helps identify the specific mental health issues in communities can impact public health policies and assist professionals in strategizing health policies for health promotion. Research on health can help public health professionals and stakeholders bridge the gap between the policies and priorities for the communities.

Department and Campus

Department of Social Work, School for Social & Behavioural Sciences, Coimbatore

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

Research skills, SPSS or any other software, MS Office, PG in Social Work, Sociology or Psychology


Health,Mental Health, Adolescent and children, Women
Dr. V. Priya

Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work, Coimbatore

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