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About the Project

Learning Analytics (LA) has been primarily researched and developed in developed countries, where it has been used to address the educational challenges of those regions. However, these LA solutions might not be effective in developing countries due to different educational challenges and limited access to technology and infrastructure. Therefore, Low-cost Learning Analytics (L2A) has been proposed as an alternative approach that can help to address the specific challenges of developing countries. This project aims to explore the potential of L2A in India, where there are unique educational challenges. L2A can provide cost-effective, data-driven student performance and engagement insights that support evidence-based teaching and learning. By tailoring instruction to the needs of individual students, L2A could improve overall learning outcomes and contribute to a more equitable global education system that addresses the specific challenges of developing countries.

Department and Campus

School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Amritapuri

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants
  • Foundational understanding of educational and learning sciences
  • Basic understanding of teaching and learning as cognitive processes
  • Basics of Educational Technology and EBDM
  • Basics of Sociocultural and socioeconomic perspectives in educational psychology
  • Fundamental quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Basic understanding of Learning Analytics and Technology-Enhanced Learning areas
  • Above average command in reading, writing, and speaking English
  • Strong motivation and passion for learning research
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