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About the Project

Area – Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Abstract –

Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is an attractive branch of Operations Research (OR) that focuses primarily on ranking or ordering of alternatives or options based on a specified set of criteria or attributes. Since the process of decision making is common with humans in day to day process, the values associated with the decision making is highly uncertain and vague. To handle such vagueness mathematically, fuzzy sets and its variants are taken into consideration. The amalgamation of fuzzy set theory with decision theory makes the MCDM area an attractive and widely practiced field. It would not be any surprise to readers that the process of MCDM is widely used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for promoting systems and machines to make rational decisions at critical uncertain times. Recently, the global institutes are rigorously working towards blending MCDM with sustainable practices for supporting Industry 4.0. It possibly extended to Medical Image processing

Department & Campus

Department of Mathematics, Coimbatore

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants

Preferably the experience in using Python / Matlab, but not essential

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