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About the Project

The research project primarily deals with the numerical modeling of the extensive dynamic and fatigue-induced crack behaviors associated with a rail track under rolling contact with a wagon wheel. Henceforth, the model attempts to accurately predict the structural health and the available life of the track under variable loading conditions. The natural frequencies of the rail track are captured using modal analyses to keep a check on the possibilities of resonance, followed by a cyclic loading-unloading fatigue analysis to capture the number of cycles to failure to get a rough estimate on the remaining useful life of the rail. The major outcome of this research is to predict the conditions for crack initiation and propagation in a rail track under variable loading conditions, using a Fracture Mechanics based approach. Such a holistic model is expected to provide real-time support to the engineers and technicians with an accurate prediction of the instances for maintenance.

Department & Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Coimbatore

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants
  1. Solid (Continuum) Mechanics
  2. Finite Element Methods
  3. Numerical Modeling
  4. Numerical Techniques
  5. Expertize in using computational tools like Abaqus
  6. Differential Equations and Integration
  7. Numerical Integration, etc.

Faculty Profile

Rolling Contact Fatigue
Dr. Ajith Ramesh

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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