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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India’s top private university, has announced a grant of ₹100 crores ($13,400,000 US) to set up 50 state-of-the-art New Discovery and Innovation Labs at its campuses across India.

These research powerhouses will be in operation within the coming year and drive cutting-edge discoveries in fields such as engineering, medical sciences, computer sciences, material sciences, nanobiosciences, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and sustainable development.

The announcement was made during a ceremony for the first ever edition of the Amrita Innovation & Research Awards. Amma, who is Chancellor of the university, presided over this prestigious event. She emphasized that the university is focused on compassion-driven research to find solutions for people in need, especially those who live in India’s villages.

“My children’s since efforts have resulted in projects that have greatly helped the lower strata of our society. These awards are a symbol of that happiness,” said Amma at the event…

Chief Guests of Honour

AIRA 2021
Shri. Amitabh Kant IAS

Govt. of India

AIRA 2021
Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan

Director, National Science Foundation
United States of America

Guests of Honour

AIRA 2021
Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy

Chairman, DRDO
Govt. of India

AIRA 2021
Dr. Venu Govindaraju

Vice President for
Research and Economic Development
University at Buffalo, SUNY

AIRA 2021
Dr. Subhasis Chaudhuri

Director of the Indian Institute of
Technology Bombay

AIRA 2021
Dr. Prasant Mohapatra

Vice Chancellor for Research
University of California, Davis

AIRA 2021
Dr. Suresh Subramani

Global Director of the Tata Institute for Genetics & Society
University of California, San Diego

Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award

AIRA 2021
Dr. Shantikumar Nair

Dean, Research​

AIRA 2021
Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh

Dean, International Programs​

AIRA 2021
Dr. R. Jayakumar

Professor, Nanotechnology​

AIRA 2021
Dr. Madhav Datta

Professor Emeritus, Materials Science

AIRA 2021
Dr. Radhika N

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

AIRA 2021
Dr. Krishnakumar R

Professor & Head, Paediatric Cardiology

AIRA 2021
Dr. Vinay Kumar

Ph.D. Alumnus, Engineering​

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