Excerpts from Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s Address at the UN in New York on July 8, 2015 @ Technology for Sustainable Development Conference. All the recent natural disasters and the alarming changes in the global climate are challenging the further survival of thisbeautiful earth we live in.

Chancellor Amma at UN Conference on Technology for Sustainable DevelopmentRecently, we have witnessed so many natural calamities and alarming changes in the global climate, including rapidly increasing global warming. We need to ponder deeply on whether human effort alone willbe enough to put a halt to the imminent worldwide catastrophe. Renowned scientists of the past viewed the universe and its subtleties with aweand wonderment. Their research had the inquisitiveness and faith of an innocent child. In fact, many past and present eminent scientists acknowledged spirituality towards the end of their lives. But, by then itwas too late. Amma prays that the scientific community leading the world today does not make this same mistake.

Our ancestors had a different outlook on life. They had an inherent awareness of three factors – humans, nature, and the invisible power that harmoniously unites them.Their vision of life did not only take into account the physical existence ofindividuals and nature. They believed in a power that forms the foundation of nature and every living being; an invisible power that connects all beings with nature. They recognized this power as the most important part of life. They also believed that all of nature and eachand every living being in the universe are like beads of variable formsand sizes, strung on a single thread of creation. This is why they gave so much importance to sharing, caring, consideration and empathy. Today,we have labeled this mentality as ‘primitive,’ rejecting their way of living.

Just as we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving with a lot of fanfare, we should have a day to respect and worship Mother Nature. On that day, everyone in the world should try toplant at least one tree. This could even be on New Year’s Day, so we start the year on anauspicious note. If we do so, this planet will become aparadise. A tree is like a house that we construct for Mother Earth.