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Amrita Sanjeevani, “Bringing to Life”, is the seva organization at Amrita’s Amritapuri campus was inaugurated by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (our beloved Amma) on 15 August 2005 and run by its members completely on a volunteer basis.

Seva is an important part of the Amrita experience, where the focus is on “education for life” in addition to “education for a living.”

It aims to develop in students a realistic knowledge and understanding of the society in which they are living, their obligations to it and Mother Nature as a whole and thereby induce in them the attitude of selfless service.

Guided by the motto “Pray with your heart and serve with your hands”, Amrita Sanjeevani strongly encourages each student to maximise personal responsibility and accountability, and to use initiative and creativity, within its framework of objectives. Team spirit and commitment to the goals of Amrita Sanjeevani are what form the core of action at Sanjeevani. The work culture at Amrita Sanjeevani is a beautiful blend of close co-operation, open communication, interactivity and commitment to its goal.

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Our Inspiration

The Sanjeevanites are inspired by the following words of our beloved Amma, “As long as we live in this world, our greatest and foremost duty (dharma) is to be of some benefit to others. Only when goodness awakens within the individual will one’s personality and actions gain beauty and strength. Strive to become like a beautiful rainbow that makes others happy.”

In every humble effort that the Sanjeevanites embark upon they strive to remember that – “The rainbow was so beautiful because it forgot about itself and lived for the sake of others…”

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