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Community Outreach project is with a single goal: creating concrete, practical differences in the lives of those who are struggling – for those who could pull themselves up out of destitution, if only someone would extend their hand. It has programs and services designed to benefit widows, orphans, tsunami victims, education for poor, and many more.

Projects Undertaken till date



SI # Title Date & Duration
1 Tsunami Rehabilitation Project 2005 -6 months every weekends
2 Blood Donation Camps 17th October 2007
3 Financial Aid for Widows children and underprivileged child for operation 16th January 2009
4 Clothing for tribal people 15th May 2010
5 Exhibition during International Conferences 5th June 2011
6 Road Shows for creating social awareness 26th September 2011
7 Visits to Orphanages Deepavali,every year
8 Fund Raisers for charity Every festivals


Tsunami Rehabilitation Project

Serving one’s fellow beings, selflessly, is an important aspect of spiritual practices. God’s grace flows towards those who serve the needy, compassionately. Amrita Sanjeevani commenced its first project on August 6, 2005 at Azhikkal, one of the Tsunami hit areas located close to the Amritapuri Ashram. Sanjeevani volunteers actively participated in the Amrita Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Project. In their endeavour to build houses for Tsunami victims, the students and staff worked with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. The volunteers almost forgot themselves and their own needs in their eagerness to build the new homes quickly.

Blood Donation Camps

A camp was organised by Amrita Sanjeevani to register our university students and faculty with the blood bank of AIMS (Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center). Doctors from AIMS collected details of all blood donors. This was an opportunity for AIMS doctors to interact with the students. Each one was tested for their eligibility and their blood group was tested and added on to their data base.

Financial Aid for Widows children and underprivileged child for operation

Students raised fund by organising a fund raiser programme during the Diwali festival.As the rest of India and many parts of the world celebrate the festival of lights with crackers, sweets and gifts, the students of Amrita Sanjeevani spend their time to raise fund for charity. Thus they spread the joy of Diwali to those who are deprived of a means of celebration themselves.

The students presented money raised,

  • to sponsor the education of two widows children, Ramya (6th standard) and Akhila (5th Standard) at the Ashram’s orphanage in Parippally. This money is being put in a savings account in Ramya’s and Akila’s name
  • to sponsor a surgery at AIMS Hospital of a one and half old child named Mahendra, who has been diagnosed as having a hole in his heart.
Clothing for tribal people

A group of students from all schools organized cloth collection drive across Amritapuri campus. Students started collecting the clothes from all the departments, hostellers and from day scholars. This campaign saw a turnout of more than 500 clothes from the campus alone. These sets of clothing were distributed to the tribal people of Mananthavadi.

Exhibition during International Conferences

Thousands of Amrita students have participated in the Amala Bharatam cleanliness drives to-date. Hundreds have helped to sort and process the trash, making sure proper recycling and composting is done, whenever possible.

A special group of committed students, however, have gone the extra mile. With their creative skills, they transform waste into beautiful pieces of art. Especially waste that is non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle. These students from Amrita Sanjeevani saw beauty and value, where others saw trash. They created greeting cards, pen stands, bracelets and wall hangings from waste materials they retrieved. Plastic spoons taped together gave rise to flowers in full bloom. A little ingenuity helped transform discarded bottle caps into useful key chains.

These items and more were proudly displayed at the exhibition organized for delegates of the International Conference on Society, Technology and Sustainable Development at Kochi.

“The exhibition shows you how we handle waste at Amrita,” stated Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy, Registrar, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. “We know you will want to use such attractive and decorative items.”

“I think we all must commend the Amrita students and support them enthusiastically,” remarked Dr. Ram Bhooj, Program Specialist, UNESCO. “With Amala Bharatam, Amrita University has set a trend. If we are going to become a sustainable society, in fact, education is the key.”

Road Shows for creating social awareness

Students from all the Schools of poignantly portrayed more issues related to environmental protection, finally emphasizing the positive message of the Amala Bharatam Campaign.

It is now increasingly being accepted that genetically engineered crops cause serious harm to the environment and people’s health. Carrying this grim yet crucial message to the public, student members of Amrita Sanjeevani from the Amritapuri campus performed street play in Chinnakada, Ramankullankara, Chavara and Karunagappally during the cycle rally organized on the day prior to Chancellor Amma’s birthday celebrations. The play highlighted not only the issue of genetically modified crops but also deforestation and of course, indiscriminate dumping of waste.

Visits to Orphanages

For the past 7 years Sanjeevanites has been celebrating Deepavali with the orphanage kids at Parippally. It is a precious gift they get for deepavali spending time with the kids. Students take sweets, snacks and also crackers and sports goods to be distributed to the children there. They spend the whole day with the children at orphanage by presenting cultural programs, playing games, singing bhajans, bursting crackers etc.

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