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Eco friends at Amrita have committed to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes energy conservation – to reduce non-renewable energy consumption and spreading awareness in reducing water, food and electricity wastages. It also builds eco-friendly dwellings, promote the use of bicycles, preserve land and water ecosystems, recycle and reduce waste.



World Car Free Day on September 22

This endeavor was part of our efforts in supporting and contributing towards a ‘Greener Tomorrow’. No one came to the campus by car or bike on that day.  Day scholar students and staff came by availed public transport facilities, college bus or used bicycles to reach the campus.

In connection with this, there was a bicycle rally by our students and staff members from Karunagappally to Amritapuri. The rally was inaugurated by the Municipal Chairman Mr Ansar and DYSP Mr Rajendran.  They appreciated the efforts taken by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and suggested the students to ride bicycles once in a week to keep up the spirit of saving fuel and protect nature and  thus continue this venture. The rally was lead by the Deans, Principals and other senior faculty members.

Earth Day on April 22

At Amritapuri, Swami Jnanamritananda Puri officially lit the lamp of celebration. As the chief mentor of Green Friends and AYUDH (Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara), Swamiji had much to tell the gathered students.  “Mother Earth gives us everything — water, air and sufficient food,” Swamiji said. “But increased human intervention has destroyed the rhythm of our planet. You are the future citizens of this planet, any activities for a sustainable environment should begin by your hands, at least today. This is the time to act. Nobody can force you to do anything; it needs to come from your own heart. You don’t need to wait for anybody to initiate action. You do whatever you can, others will follow you.” As if taking Swamiji’s words to heart, in the afternoon, students planted trees and later attended a workshop on making compost.

World Environment Day on June 5

Amrita is happy to participate in a big way. Chancellor Amma had dedicated June 5th 2009 through June 5th 2010 as a Green Year to inspire all to do the maximum possible for restoring the lost harmony of Nature.In the build-up to this, over the past several months, all Amrita campuses have seen many, many efforts by students to try and make a change. For instance, student members of the ACM Student Chapter at the Amritapuri Campus, decided to say no to flex hoardings when they learned of the harmful impact on the environment. Students at the Amrita School of Biotechnology brought out India’s first eco-friendly college magazine, setting a fine example for all to emulate.

Nature Visits

A nature visit was organized to Munnar and Idukki on the 4th of June 2006. The team visited  JSS (Jan Shikshan Sansthan) and got to know their social service activities. A visit was also arranged to the munnar paper factory that is run by TATA Tea agency.

The specialty of the place is that all the workers are handicapped people who have been provided with a chance to get their life back on track.  It was an experience for the team members to cherish and remember.

World Food Day on October 16

On World Food Day students initiated a movement to raise awareness among the students of Amritapuri campus, against food wastage and food crisis. Teams of 10 sanjeevanites, “freezed” at different locations in the campus at 12:20 pm. Students in the mess, canteen and those walking down the stairs were surprised to see them freeze in time. Soon after that, pamphlets were distributed among the students, providing them with insights into the reality of food crisis. Pamphlets contained few thought provoking questions along with the facts about food crisis.

Youth Parliament on Global Climate Change

The International Youth day was celebrated on 12th August in Amritapuri campus. The event was organized to raise awareness among the youth about the various developments taking place across the world towards tackling global climate change. Various countries were represented by students teams. They spoke on the various measures their country has been taking to tackle global warming and its effects. Eminent Environmentalists were the judges for the event. The heated debate session spanned for more than an hour.

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