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Amritapuri Campus is home to the members of Amrita Sanjeevani and our Organic Garden is the one thing we treasure the most in our Campus. The members of Amrita Sanjeevani devote their time in cultivating the garden through the guidance of our mentors and in return, we are gifted with the most unique vegetables that are developed and maintained without the use of any chemicals.

We began cultivating our garden at the start of this year. We were inspired by the past members of Amrita Sanjeevani, who were able to maintain the garden with dedication and also had the privilege to cook tapiocas for our beloved Amma.We planted the seeds blessed by our Amma, and we nurtured each of them with love and care as they sprouted. We began with the cultivation of spinach and ladyfinger and in time, we also cultivated potatoes, radishes, tomatoes and brinjals. Until now we have successfully produced lovely ladyfingers and spinaches. Following the footsteps of our seniors, we too had the privilege to cook for Amma.

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We believe that the plants have truly reflected the love we have shown towards the garden by growing rapidly.Following our motto “Pray with your Heart, and Serve with your Hands”, we Sanjeevanites poured our heart into the garden and this experience has opened our minds to a new outlook towards nature. We feel responsible for the conservation of nature and have committed ourselves to bring back the long neglected methods of organic farming.

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